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There’s a reason why the professionals that compete in the Final Stage of Web.Com Q-School at Whirlwind play with a caddie: it improves their play! Just like the tour pros, you too can experience Whirlwind and the other Top 25 courses in Arizona like a pro…with a caddie or forecaddie to enhance your round.  Whirlwind Golf Club has partnered with CADDIEMASTER to enhance the overall golf experience by offering caddies and forecaddies that will make your round even more memorable. Aside from having extensive course knowledge to help you navigate around the course, our caddies will assist in locating golf balls, raking bunkers, cleaning your clubs and creating a much more memorable experience.
How will a caddie enhance your Whirlwind Golf Club experience?

  • Extensive course knowledge including accurate yardage and course management designed to help you score better
  • Assistance with pace of play and locating your golf ball
  • Maintenance of the course including raking bunkers, fixing ball marks and replacing divots
  • Fitness benefits afforded when playing with a walking caddie (an average round of walking golf is over 12,000 steps and burns over 2,500 calories
  • An opportunity for you to play like the pros!


*VIP Package cannot be booked inside of 3 days in order to allow us to book your caddie through CADDIEMASTER. Offer is based on availability. One forecaddie per group will be booked. Minimum of two players to book this package.